Current Month’s Calendar

Some of our longstanding annual events are:

Holiday Parties:
Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, 4th of July and more!

Graduation/Birthday Celebration:
The biggest celebration of the year. All our Older Preschoolers don their caps & gowns and receive their diplomas. All the classes give some kind of performance and a huge dinner is enjoyed by all.

Open House:
Held in the Fall to give parents the opportunity to meet other parents in their child’s class, meet all the teachers, the members of the Ark Board, ask teacher questions and socialize.

Some new additions are:

German Class:
Hildegard Schmidt teaches theĀ  4 and 5-year-old basic German every Monday morning.

German Class


Happy Feet & Music:
A soccer program offered to Bear Cubs and older classes once a week, on Tuesday mornings for $40 per month. Coach “B” comes in and does a fantastic job with the kids.

Music is offered to Bear Cubs & older classes once per week on Friday mornings for $15/month. Andy Nazzal is the teacher.

Also we have: Field Trips all year,

and Chapel each week.